Chapter 6: Nick – Hanging Up

Harry’s silence reeks of judgment.

I believe that in the five years that Harry and I have been together, I somehow have gained the right to demand time, Harry with his silence seems to be questioning my right, mocking my sudden emotional outburst.

We have already set our schedules six months ago, you could have said that you are not available or you could have asked to have that meeting rescheduled on another date!” I could not help but raise my voice; he was driving, completely in silence as if I wasn’t there. Raising my voice seems to be the only way to get through him.

“It’s the client that is asking for that specific date, Nick. I have been waiting for them to confirm a date so I can meet them, this is an important client, you know my job depends on this deal.”  Harry finally broke his silence. 

I wanted to tell him how selfish he is, but I decided to shut up. It wouldn’t change a thing anyway; he’s already made up his mind.

“Okay. I’ll cancel or rebook your ticket then, I hope Christina’s  too busy being a Bridezilla to notice you’re not there.”  

It was awkward silence after that, until we stopped in front of my house. 

“I’m sorry, Nick. It’s just that I really want this close this deal, and you know me, I’m the type of guy who’ll stop at nothing to get what I want.”

“I know Harry, I understand, I’m just mad at your sudden cancellation, we’ve booked the flight and the hotel months ago, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry Nick, I’ll pay for all of it.”

I just smiled and got out of the car, he knows it wasn’t about the booked flights and the hotel. He knows we are not okay. He waved goodbye, I waved goodbye and then his car sped off.

Yes, Harry is correct. I know him and he’s always been the type of guy who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

It took Harry a month to get my phone number from my best friend, Christina. Christina wanted to make sure Harry is serious about asking me out. 

It also took Harry two weeks of phone calls and a dozen of coffees sent to the Arts Centre, where I work, before I agreed to go out with him. Then he’d have to wait for hours until I finish my rehearsals before we can have dinner or watch a movie. Harry even had to endure my mood swings even before we were officially a couple.

Five years into the relationship, I basically know what type of guy Harry is.

Harry is the type of guy who wakes up early in the morning and takes his coffee black and his egg sunny side, while reading the news. He makes sure we have our breakfast together and he makes sure I’m updated with what’s on the newspaper that day by reading it to me while i take my cappuccino.

Harry is type of guy who sends sweet text messages while we’re both at work. He knows the things that makes me smile and he always make sure I’m smiling because he says it makes his heart smile at the thought of me smiling. 

Harry is the type of guy who will never sleep until we settle an argument. He always want to talk things out and through. He make sure we end our day at peace.

But on my best friend’s wedding day, I felt something shift.

Right after the ceremony, I decided to call Harry, just to give him an update on what’s going on, after all, he worked with Christina for a couple of years, we met because of my best friend. 

“She’s beautiful, the gown we picked is just perfect, and she looks like a princess!” I squealed with excitement. 

Really, tell her I’m sorry for missing her wedding day” Harry replied, rather lamely.

You sound tired, are you okay?” I ask.

Yep, I’m okay; just a bit tired from my meeting with the investors, I had to do three of the four presentations. I’ll just rest for a bit” 

You should have seen Michael’s reaction as Christina walks down the aisle, he looks…”

Harry cut me off, Harry is not the type of guy who cuts people off mid sentence.

“I will just call you when I’m a bit rested, Bye Nick.”  

Max hung up on me. No goodbye. Not even an obligatory I-love-you.

That’s when I knew that we were falling apart.

Because even when we are arguing, even when we are fighting over something, even when he’s mad, Max has never been the type of guy who hangs up first.


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